The process of fermentation harnesses the best nature has to offer, using salt and naturally forming fermented acids to encourage the growth of beneficial micro organisms (probiotics).

We now know that those beneficial micro organisms help create and support a diverse ecosystem in your gut, promoting better digestion, more absorption of nutrition and a boosted immune system.


What do I do with your stuff? 


This is the question we are asked most often. 

Fermented Foods are meant to be a condiment. While we have many friends who like to pick up a whole jar and eat it as a meal, we find that it is best to start off with small amounts. Two to four tablespoons added to your favorite (fill in the blank). Fermented food is full of flavor and is a great addition to a sandwich, stir fry, salad, name it. Our Cultured sauces add an extra flavor boost to your sauce, salad dressing, marinade, etc.

When chefs discuss flavor they speak of briny, tart, spicy, umami, bitter and sweet.

Our vegetables, sauces and liquid pickles do not do "sweet". Fermented foods are usually rich in umami, the deep earthy flavor that makes you want to eat more. 

BAO is a blend of briny, tart, spicy, and umami.

We hope you enjoy our products.

Find BAO at many fine stores such as

Westerly Market • Bread & Honey • Provenance Foods

& More!



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